Ryoko Game Logo

Ryoko’s world is ruled by the God of concreteness; one day she discovers that He once lived in harmony with the Goddess of the spiritual world: go find her between the material and the ethereal worlds, gain her powers, free the spirits and restore balance!

A 2.5D adventure platform with puzzle challenges that will increase the protagonist’s powers.


graphic design/ illustration

app development

social media managing

M.Melania Ugolini / Founder, creative director, game designer

Daniele Petreti / Founder, programmer, producer

Riccardo Crippa / 2D animator

Cammamoro / Lead artist, 2D artist

Emanuele Garofalo / 2D artist

Vera Bardin / 2D artist

Marco Petreti / 3D sculptor, 3D animator

Massimo de Pasquale / Senior programmer

William Arnone / vfx artist, programmer

Francesco Padula / Level designer

Stèv / Composer, sound designer